Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Most Contraversal Element In Baseball!

The strike zone is the most argued thing in baseball. Even when youngsters are in coach pitch ball there are fans that moan and groan. I recently umpired a 14 year old game and told both coaches before the game 6inches in side and out, the letters and knees will be my zoan. Both coaches agreed and we played ball. About the fifth inning the game was 5-0 in favor of the away team. The home teams pitcher threw every other ball in the dirt and I wasn't about to call that a strike. The home coach asked me in between innings to call a lower strike. Seeing how he had my paycheck I opened it just a little bit, nothing in the dirt though. The pitcher continued to throw them there. About the sixth inning the home parents were letting me have it! "Come on blue, call a ******* strike please", or "Were not paying you to walk everyone". I could'nt help but laugh! After the game a couple parents made comments but I just shook them off. When the coach gave me my check he let me know that I wont be needed anymore. I have been umping this same group of kids for five years. It's funny how much heat umpires take even when the calls are blantly obvious. For now on when I feel a bad call at the plate, I'll be sure to remember that night! Go easy on those umps guys!! Make sure to take a look at the new polls on the sidebar of the blog.

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