Monday, May 17, 2010

Oakley Sunglasses. Fashion Statement or Game Enhancer?

Oakley has exploded over the past couple years in the baseball world. Every college game you watch no matter what division you see the team with Oakley's. Is it a fashion statement or do they really improve your game? Well last October I bought a pair of M Frames. I absolutely love them! I have two different lenses, a pair of Ruby Red and a Dark Brown Polarized lenses. The Polarized lenses are perfect for a dark or cloudy day. I can pick up the ball so well, and they fit snug on my face while I hit. The Ruby Red pair are not only intimidating but are legit for those super sunny days. Any fly ball hit I can see crystal clear. Another popular type of Oakley's are the Radars. I'm pretty sure when I watched Georgia and Florida play half the guys were rocking these. You can also personalize any pair of sunglasses you buy online from From frame color, lens color, even have your name engraved in them. It wouldn't surprise me with in the next couple years every baseball player in the world are wearing Oakley's.

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