Monday, July 2, 2012

Forearms in Baseball

The hardest part of hitting the inside fastball is getting the bat head to the ball. This can be accomplished by improving forearm strength. Baseball may not require freaks of nature like football but forearm, core, and leg strength are pivotal in being a good ball player.

My two years in college I have ran across some HUGE forearms. I actually had teammates who looked for the biggest forearms on the opposing team. To get these pop eye like lower arms you must be dedicated to wrist curls. Other good forearm workouts include standing dumbbell wrist curls and the dreaded rice bucket. Standing dumbbell wrist curls consist of holding a dumbbell in each hand and curling your wrist inward until you can't do any more. The rice bucket is a college and professional favorite. A baseball bucket filled with rice and you stick a hand in and turn your hand side to side until reaching the bottom. It's a burning workout but well worth the Dan Uggla style forearms.

All of us ball players look for an edge over the opponent before the first pitch is even thrown. I'm telling you nothing is more intimidating then a pair of Uggla's!

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