Thursday, May 13, 2010

My College Choice

All through out my high school career I drembt of going to school where it's warm. I lived in Arizona for a couple years of my life and always could preform at my max! Moving back to the Midwest kind of takes its toll on you. Spring and Summer are really all you have. A little in the fall but winter is outrageous. Nothing but lifting and taking bp in the cages. Its not all that bad though! I had about ten offers to colleges scattered around the Midwest stretching south but when the Reinhardt offer came up I couldn't say no. I visited and the coaches were amazing. Really knew their stuff. The guys on the team were ridiculously welcoming. My senior year has had its ups and downs but this summer will be intense. Nothing but baseball and weights all summer long until I move into my dorm! I'd like to thank Coach Popp and Ihlenburg for the opportunity to play as an Eagle.

Going Deep,


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